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5 Simple Tips On Caring For Your Roof - Home Design my

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5 Simple Tips On Caring For Your Roof - Home Design my

Fully caring for a home consists of so many jobs and tasks that it can all get overwhelming. There’s the grass to cut, windows to clean, carpet to vacuum, loft to insulate… and then there’s the roof!

That being said, it’s not a 24/7 task - assuming you do little things here and there to care for it. If you’re not sure what these little tasks should be, then look no further! Below, you’ll find the top five tips we could gather regarding roof maintenance and roof care.

Tip 1: Thoroughly Clean The Gutters

Yes, your guttering does technically count as part of your roof. For the purposes of this post, anyway. Leaves, small rocks and even rubbish can all accumulate in your roof’s rain gutters over time, so it’s important to keep them clear.

If your gutters are indeed filled and blocked with all manner of debris, that’s a serious problem. This causes rain to overflow into your home, and we all know what a nightmare that would be. Also, this extra water can lead to mold and fungal growth. They’re two issues that are hard to rectify!

More often than not, you can step out onto the street and eye up the condition of your gutter from here. If you can see an excess of leaves, it’s time to act fast. If it looks fine but you aren’t convinced, either (carefully!) hop on a ladder yourself, or call a roof professional. Sometimes, the problem isn’t necessarily visible from down below.

Tip 2: Have It Completely Revamped

Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to restore your roof to its former glory! Perhaps it’s seen better days, and is in severe need of a thorough re-pointing and cleaning. A complete roof restoration accomplishes several things:

- Your entire roof will be pressure cleaned. This removes any dirt, moss and debris that’s lodged up there, leaving it sparkly clean.

- Your entire roof will also be repointed. This seals any small holes or gaps that may have been letting heat escape.

- Anti-fungal protective coatings will be applied, which shield your roof from any long-term effects

Of course, I’d recommend you have your roof thoroughly inspected first, before you commit to a restoration. If it simply needs a quick tweak here and there, that would be much cheaper than a full restoration. Anyhow, if your roof hasn’t seen much love in recent years, it’s safe to assume it could use an update.

Tip 3: Check your interior for leaks

You may be so laser-focused on the outside that you neglect the inside! This is a mistake, and damage can be shown indoors too. Head high into the top roof of your house, and check the ceiling for any damp and leaks.

Sometimes, these can be hard to spot, and it may just be a slight trickle. Other times, it’ll be a huge patch - quite hard to miss! This is indicative of a roof leak, and it needs to be addressed pronto. As we previously mentioned, this leak can lead to mold and fungal growth in your home. If left unchecked, the problem will continue to get worse.

You’ll need to hire a roof professional in this instance. Your entire roof will either need replacing, revamping or repointing. Have an audit done and see to what extent the damage has occurred. In the meantime, air the top room of your house with dehumidifiers, air conditioners and by opening windows.

Tip 4: Don’t touch it!

Not that you would, but it’s worth mentioning. Climbing up on your roof for whatever reason can cause the shingles to come loose and break down. It’s also very dangerous to do, but that goes without saying.

You should also avoid painting your roof where possible. If you want a splash of color, buy colored tiles! The chemicals in paint can also damage shingles, breaking them down rather quickly. This leads to increased damage further down the line, and it can be hard to rectify.

Tip 5: Cut Overhanging Tree Branches

It’s quite common for households to be placed near trees nowadays. They’re attractive features that can provide you a patch of cool shade in the burning summer heat. While they’re usually not an issue, it becomes a problem when their branches begin to hang over your roof.

This is a problem for several reasons. One, the longer and more overhanging those branches are, the easier they can be snapped or blown off by the wind. If that happens, it’s bye-bye roof! Longer branches make it easier for squirrels and other rodents to clamber onto your roof, potentially causing damage.

Furthermore, the leaves from these overhanging branches will be able to drop into your guttering more easily. We previously discussed this issue, and it’ll be repeated ten times as badly in this situation.

Since trimming tree branches is rather tough to do at home, I’d recommend you contact your local government office. It’s likely that those trees are their property (if they’re not in your back garden), so they should do it anyway. If the trees are causing a major problem, rally your neighbors and sign a petition. Your voices are more likely to be heard this way.


Overall… your roof is now perfection! If you followed this advice, anyway. In our homes, the problems can start at the top, so it’s important to eliminate them at the source.

Roofing and the attic is the cause of a large chunk of heat loss in the home. Losing this heat causes your home to become colder, which ups those energy bills. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends, but with proper care, it can be stopped.

So, check your roof regularly, or have it checked regularly. I’d recommend every six months. Problems can only take a couple of weeks to develop. Just because it’s clear in January, doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way until summer. Contact a professional where necessary, and above all, keep an eye on those interior damp patches!

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5 Simple Tips On Caring For Your Roof - Home Design my

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